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When deciding to replace or install heating, air conditioning, or air purifying systems, our team will come to your location free of charge and provide you with an honest proposal. We are always looking out for the best interest of our customers and we will help to determine the best option for your home. We can guarantee you will be satisfied with our work due to the extensive training and experience of our technicians, as well as the best quality equipment. So give us a call to quote your next HVAC project or scroll to the bottom of the page to submit a request! 

Fujitsu XLTH Mini-Split Installation: 
This seemless mini-split unit will provide direct and immediate heating or cooling.  A great alternative to window units! This model will withstand -15 degree temperatures opposed to other units that only withstand 5 degree temperatures.

92% Ruud High Effiency Furnace: This was a full installation with brand new ductwork, return duct, and filter access. This furnace will allow for 92% of gas burned to be used whereas most other furnaces will only allow 80% of gas burned to be utilized. 

Condensers for the Fujitsu Mini-Splits: These condensers are perfect to help reduce noise; they are 4x less noisey than a traditional condenser. The sleek design allows it to be placed in tighter spaces that a normal size condenser would not fit. They are sitting on custom built risers to protect the units from rain, dirt, animals etc.

Ruud 14 Seer Condenser: This installation included a new line set inside concealed ductwork to prevent wires from getting damaged and provide a cleaner look.

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